Criteria and Eligibility Information

Criteria for Athlete Members

Nominees must be superior achievers at the highest level of competition and made an outstanding contribution to sport in Queensland

Nominees shall not be considered until after a two year waiting period following:

(a) retirement from the highest level of competition;

(b) the performance of a particularly outstanding athletic achievement that warrants special recognition. (Consideration of (b) would be appropriate in sports where age is not a barrier to competing at the highest level).

Team players will be considered on the same basis as individuals.

The Selection Panel will consider the degree of difficulty for a Nominee to attain the highest level of achievement.

The Selection Panel will consider in addition to a Nominee's individual achievements, that person's integrity, sportsmanship and character.

Any person or organisation may make nominations for consideration by the Selection Panel.

Download the Athlete Nomination Form here

Criteria for General Members

The primary requirement for selection as a General Member is high level achievement from personal effort or initiative, in a field of endeavour that contributes to the performances of athletes or to the development and status of sport in Queensland.

Nominees should have made a major contribution at the international, national or State level to their sport or to sport generally, including: - Sports administration / officiating - Sports coaching / training - Sports science / medicine - Sports media / history

Nominees may be involved in other areas, but their achievements must satisfy the criterion detailed above, e.g.: - Initiators - Innovators whose work has been adopted widely - Sports developers - Achievers at the highest levels of office or appointment available - Contributors to their sport or to Queensland sport generally at the highest level

Mere long term service or involvement with sport or sporting bodies by a Nominee without having satisfied the paramount requirement outlined above or demonstrated outstanding achievement arising from personal initiative or innovation is not sufficient justification necessarily for selection.

Nominations are to be submitted annually. Any nomination which has been previously submitted, but not selected may be reconsidered by the Selection Panel.

Nominations for consideration by the Selection Panel may be made by any person or organisation.

The Selection Panel reserves the right to seek endorsement of any nomination by the appropriate peak organisation(s) in Australia, responsible for the sport(s) or field(s) of endeavour in which achievements have been attributed to the Nominee.

The endorsement of any nomination by the appropriate peak organisation is highly desirable but its absence will not necessarily debar the Nominee from selection.

The Selection Panel will be the arbiter in respect to the selection or otherwise of any Nominee.

Download the General Nomination Form here